Towson University Asian Art & Culture Center


Mediation in Contemporary Landscape



Kay H. Lin

Statement (2010)


Abstract painting is like poetry and music; it flows with space and rhythm. Painting is a poem that is seen. Reading a poem or listening to music, a picture often appears. Poetry and music both deliver the same abstract meaning to me. The seven basic notes (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti) are as the seven rainbow colors. With only a few elements, all music and all colors are created. Nature and humanity are both foundations of my art; they are vast and limitless. They give me the time to sense being alive and to live in the circle of life.


After being an abstract painter for 20 years, I started missing my training in Chinese painting and decided to write poems on my paintings instead of next to them. This different format of painting joins my original culture and mind more closely. Chinese painting started being accompanied with a poem in the Tang Dynasty. This relationship developed deep aesthetic meaning in Chinese painting until Song Dynasty art schools even used a poem as a title to test students for painting. 


心如詩, 詩如畫;

畫訴情 ,情續事;

事事編織, 無終始末... 



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