Kay H.  Lin

林 桂 香


"Raising the Temperature"

Queens Museum, New York

February 2 - March 2, 2014

My installations echo the themes of my paintings.


Abstract painting is like poetry and music; it flows with space and rhythm. Painting is a poem that is seen. Reading a poem or listening to music, a picture often appears. Poetry and music both deliver the same abstract meaning to me. The seven basic notes (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti) are as the seven rainbow colors. With only a few elements, all music and all colors are created. Nature and humanity are both foundations of my art; they are vast and limitless. They give me the time to sense being alive and to live in the circle of life.


My works in this exhibition are based on the Sun, Air, and Water ­– the three basic elements that help nature and humanity grow.


I.     Sun, Air, Water - Bridge

Vinyl Site Specific Installation
Bridge Floor 644" x 84" and Walls 644" x 42.5" each

This work uses the Museum's existing glass bridge to explore the intricate impact of climate change. On one side of the bridge, the water rises over the city skyline due to global warming. On the other side of the bridge, the trees provide oxygen, clean the air and also prevent soil erosion by holding the earth together with their roots.


II.   Sun, Air, Water - Balloon

Mixed media installation with plastic bags, wire, living plants
Balloon 69" x 66" and Basket 33" x 18"

The balloon is made from a collage of recycled plastic supermarket bags from all different countries. The supermarket bags represent food, our basic human need. The plastic recycled materials demonstrate conservation and waste reduction while also showing how immigrants from different countries join together in Greater New York as a hot air balloon that lifts us all. Below the balloon is a basket of living green plants growing in soil (earth) with their leaves trailing over the edge. They represent the greenery that provides oxygen and gives life energy.

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